XP and Character Skills

Spending XPXP

Normally in Traveller, there is no XP. During downtime, a player adds up all the skill ranks in EVERY skill their character has, and multiplies that by a week’s time. That is how long it takes for them to earn a rank in a new or existing skill. This means that it takes forever and a day for a Player to raise their characters skills. In Broken Angels, things are different.

Since the GM Provide XP points, raising a skill works like this.

Rank 0: 1 XP Point

Rank 1: 1 XP Point, but you can’t just spend 2 XP to go directly to Rank 1. There MUST be time spent in between each Rank.

Rank 2- 6: 1 XP Point gets you a d6 roll. IF the d6 roll is equal to or above the rank you are going to, then the roll succeeds, and your character has learned the new skill rank. You MUST gain the sequential Ranks, and you can only gain 1 Rank per skill, per session of downtime, and in some cases, you might only have time to raise 1 skill period.

Example: Kenari is trying to raise her Melee (Dewclaw) skill from Rank 3 to Rank 4. Her Player Emily spends an XP point and rolls a d6. The roll comes up a 5. Kenari has gained Rank 4. To Gain Rank 5, she would need to spend another XP point, and make another roll, AT ANOTHER TIME.

In order to put XP into a skill, however, there is a requirement that one had to have used the skill in question to attempt to gain a rank in it.

Example: The players have just finished up a scene and have returned to their ship. There is a jump to a new sector and Andrew asks “So what is everyone doing?”

Zebadiah decides he’s going to study up on computer encryption during that time. So he gets to put a mark next to his Computers skill and as a result he can try to increase his computers next time he decides to spend XP.

Later a second jump is announced after a brief stop and some role play. This time Zebadiah spends his off duty hours hanging out in the officers lounge. Jerry puts a mark next to Carouse on his sheet and may role to increase that when the opportunity to spend XP comes up.

XP and Character Skills

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