Five Sisters

* No. of Stars 27
* Majority Control Imperium – 51%
* Secondary Control Non-Aligned – 33%
* Sector Spinward Marches
* Capital Iderati

The Five Sisters Subsector is named for a group of systems (Mirriam, Jone, Karin, Ucella, and Penelope) known as the Five Sisters. Separated from the contiguous Imperium by nearly 10 parsecs at its closest, this region is the Third Imperium’s most far-flung outpost, accessible only via a long communications link passing through the Sword Worlds or the wilds of District 268.

Originally known as District 267, the subsector is only sparsely settled, and depends upon Imperial payrolls for most of its internal economy. Some colonization attempts were begun under the auspices of Emperor Paulo I in 740, but all developmental activity was stopped under the Psionics Suppressions of 800.

The subsector is defended by the 208th Fleet.

The Five Sisters subsector has been under Imperial Naval administration (based at Iderati) since the Psionics Suppressions; unclassified releases state that the subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 1.845 billion. The highest population is 8, at Mirriam, the highest tech level is 12, at the naval bases at Karin and Iderati.

Five Sisters

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