The Year is 1125 in the Third Imperium

Traveller – The Trailer

The threat of war looms over the Galaxy. Tensions are high as Pirates raid the smaller outlying settlements and planetary systems, and the loss of contact with colonies near the Great Rift. The Imperial Navy is stretched thin and hard pressed to deal with every situation coming up. Now, a corporation his stepped forward; they are the light in the darkness, the hope for those who have none.

They are… The Angel Corp!

Made from broken individuals with broken pasts, Angel Corp. looks to recruit anyone looking to make a new start with their lives. No questions are asked about your past as long as you’re willing to work towards a better future! We equip all of our recruits with the best gear available and provide everyone with suitable accomodations aboard the Angel One.

Join the Angel Corp today and become one of a team who brings hope to those who need it most!

For those of you who wish to sign up, we have sessions every 2 weeks and meet on Tuesday nights at 11pm (EST) via Google Hangouts or iTabletop. We play mainly using the Mongoose Traveller books, with a few house rules thrown in (see the Wiki).

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Broken angels

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