Broken angels

Notes to be transcribed


Dayn follows the cloaked captain down the dark alleyway, trying not to lose the graceful elf as he ducks into a seedy bar called The Black Lazer. Nobody guarding the door, no cop patrols in this area which is weird. Around 1AM on the Space Station.

Just as I get to sleep alarm buzzes. StarPort authority wants to talk to whomever is in charge. I grumble and groan as I pull on a uniform and walk outside to guns in my face and a warrant by the port authorities. I hail our marines to escort every one of them that comes on board. They tear the place apart and toss crap everywhere.

When they get to El Amin’s room a sensor goes off indicating psionics. Dude walks up to Richard with a psiscanner. He complains to Tolash that Richard could be a spy. ZIP = Zhodani In Public suspicious activity – if this guy is a problem why didn’t you pick him up 3 days ago? Doc steps up with admin skill, threatens court actions. He questions us about the gauss rifle, we say we were collecting imperial navy bounties and were going to turn in the gun.

Doc and i look through computers. badge numbers of port authority are all listed as dead officers.

Dayn sees Captain smooching on darian woman in booth, woman passes something to the captain. Don’t usually get darrians around here so this is odd.

we doc and kenarii barely manage to get past security on the computer to find… these guys are supposed to be dead, the troops we saw are impostors. records clearly altered and then put back in the system not showing as dead. There are a few officers who were supposed to be partners of these guys that ARE dead.

Serious infiltration of the port authority, not friendly to our ship or corporation.I think the pirates made a deal with the port authority because they’re the only people we’ve messed with. Either that or it’s something to do with the captain or the Zhodani.

I tell security detail to search to see what they might have done. Illegal contraband planted on the ship. ask doc to analyze it before we dispose of it. Contracel – powdered remnants of a plant from a planet that is interdicted by the imperium and the zhodani and just about everyone else. Cause psionic powers to overload. We all agree to dump the entire thing and atomize it. I search and find one that they missed… hidden in a bottle in the doc’s medic bay. labeled as asprin, but really more of the same stuff so we destroy it.

Dayn watches captain while in the bar. He passes her a wafer chip, she looks at it and passes it back. They kiss and walk off like a couple. Dayn goes out the back, hails Kenarii on the communicator. I just watched the captain meet in a seedy bar and pass off data. i inform dayn about the ship being searched. no backup, i’m following a darrian chick. don’t get yourself killed.

girl looks back, dayn manages to hide behind a dumpster at last minute. he sees 6 people step out of shadows in front of her (gangers) who try to mug her. banter – chick kills the guys and walks on. military hand to hand – probably a spy according to Dayn.

Marines too tired to properly watch the dudes planting stuff, so I make comment of mandatory endurance training for all starting in the morning. Zeb volunteers as he used to be a marathon runner.

Darrian ambushes Dayn with a knife, he says he was following her after watching her kill the thugs. She scans him as she’s psionic. Tell me the truth. Even your captain noticed you. Dayn argues that he’s not lying to her. Very well. Turn around and get out of this part of town. Hope that I don’t find you’re a threat to me. So far you’re the one who’s threatening.

Dayn talks to captain as they both come to entrance of the ship. She’s a contact of mine, that’s all you need to know. not when the rest of the crew is at stake it isn’t. She helps me do my job so that you guys can do yours. I chew out the captain for leaving me in the dark.

He informs us of these groups who plant contraband in order to get things out illegally. Chances are they’re going to attack us when we leave orbit. We move to mess hall, makes coffee and crew meets up to air our dirt and talk plans. Captain brings out a rare bottle of alcohol as well.

we realize they thought we were one of us because of the pirate transponder.they think we’re one of them… so we need to set up an ambush because it’s a perfect situation to get ship intact.


AndrewHead Kenari_Sanura

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