Broken angels

Notes 09/21/13

Captain’s secret chips were family pictures. He was afraid his family would get used against him.

We decide that the authorities would be too overtaxed so we’re going to go take out the pirates first instead of notifying the authorities.We go through un-docking procedures and take off.

We train during the week. I practice my melee and laser pistols while the Doc and Dayn doles out endurance training with the marines.

We jump to Beck’s World. There’s strangely no signal from the town or from the college. I ask sensor ops to do a scan of the surface. No power from the town or from the dig sites. I check for life signs or signs of attack and find some all spread out. Can’t tell who or what they are though around town and dig site area though. No vessels in the area.

There should be at least a buoy here to greet us but there isn’t. Strange. There is suddenly a call from the bridge to come look at something. He points to an area near dig site that is a big crater. Picture of last survey shows area was a mountain. Some traces of dust, but not a volcanic explosion or an impact. Something wrong with sensors. Sparks flying, circuit board fried. I smack the guy on the back of the head and tell him to replace it. Ulfbert asks me to come down with the circuit board and we check it out because the captain is suspicious of the board going out so fast.

We look at the board, someone soldered the connectors in the wrong place. This board has been sabotaged. Could it have been the guys who planted the drugs on us in dock?
We check the internal security cameras. Sure enough one of the fake cops is checking over the bridge and we see him rig a fuse on the boards. I tell the psionic marine chic to assign marines to go over the cameras and take care of anything else that they missed.

Zodoni wants to go with other Zodoni to scout. Captain walks out with armor, suggests we split into two teams and take the shuttle near the town while the two Zodoni teleport down. Captain has a Darrian hoverbike, I joke that his girlfriend has benefits.Doc rides on the back of my bike with me.

Captain has life signs coming towards us quick. Pack of dogs happy to see us. Dogs look thin like they haven’t eaten in a couple of days. Cap says we should establish an HQ as we’re going to be there a while. I suggest we bring food for dogs, and they bring a prefab housing to set up.

Zodonis scout… no signs of fighting, but towards center of town there are gunshot marks and blaster damage coming out of the buildings. No bodies. Slug projectiles with the occasional energy burns. Inside building aimed outwards. No blood, no bodies. Chunk of pistol on ground like it’s broken and crushed. They find a Fleshborer weapon with an arm attached lying on the ground.

Zeb looks at the weapon and the blood drips off of it sizzling on the ground like acid.
Zodoni finds weapons and blood, but no bodies. Footprint found in the dirt of alien creature. He calls us over. Big hoofprint a foot around.

Zeb finds as he cuts it open the gun/arm a grub/beetle that it expels out of force. He prods it and it leaps at him, landing on the wall of the glass container it’s in scratching before it twitches and goes limp. we burn it. Zeb kills the rest of the ammo but keeps some dead ones for testing and records his sessions. Bio-engineered killing machines.Warns of acidic blood.

Zodoni finds more prints, gets a really bad feeling about this psionically and reports to Captain. Cap agrees that something doesn’t sit right. I offer to send out my spydrone through the town. Zodoni says again about bad feelings. I say that’s why I want to send out a drone. Zeb shows us all what we’re in store for. Zodoni says ’he’s out’ I say now we know why you got transferred, they were tired of pussies.

Drone does recon marine thinks he saw a heat wave then says never mind. I say no look again. I catch a shimmering movement in the background but I’m not sure what it was. Don’t think it was a heat mirage though. I direct the drone to follow it. I lose it for a second but then reacquire it. I lose sight for a minute but catch up. It shimmers and sits still like a Predator effect before we see tentacles leap out and kill a dog that walks by. It looks up at the drone and we notice that it’s color shifting more than light bending. When it moves we see it leave hoofprints.

Doc wonders why we’re here, why don’t we leave. Captain says we need to investigate the science team to find out how these things got here and if they’ve left the system. Cap asks for vollunteers, we offer to go. I ask for a flamethrower and one of the marines says funny you should ask and pulls one from a crate for us. I have a crazy idea and one of the marines offers us some bags of flour to use. Dayn keeps asking for plasma grenades. I put the flour into some baggies as flour grenades.

We get a Projection Flamer with 8 shots/2 mags. 5d6+3. cone radius

KLANK-KLANK Ensign Ricky comes up with every weapon he can get his hands on. He got pranked by the other marines who laugh. We tell him he’s practically wearing a red shirt doing that.

I ask Zodoni if they can use telepathy as another detection form for the aliens. Doc uses his cyber eye while I use my hand sensors and take point as I stealth. Zodoni tries to scan the town to see how many are here. I suggest starting with how many are right outside our camp. He detects one of those in town getting closer to base.
Shit it’s moved. I suggest the marines toss flash grenades in every direction to catch it wherever it moves. Grenades go off, Zeb takes a shot and hits it, dropping it. Damn, GOOD SHOT. Even though it’s down, we still can’t see it very well. I tell the marines to make sure it’s dead. Zeb pleads that we don’t destroy it for testing.

Marines drag the body over carefully. It’s a big one and takes almost all of them to do it. They get the hoversled and cargo straps. Not the same thing that made the footprint earlier… it’s bigger. It’s all claws and tentacles, and not what had that gun we found earlier.


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