Broken angels

Medical Logs - Year 1125 - 001

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“Why do I do this to myself?” Zeb wondered gazing on the ruin that is the skin of the left side of his face. “Not many people take a flechette round to the head and live. Even fewer retain their mental acuity.” Despite the internal dialog Zebadiah continued to stare at his mirrored reflection in the surgical tray he was cleaning.

The elegant matte black mount for the cybernetic replacement of his left ye stares back at him. Shifting the focus he can see into the iris of the eye itself. Almost see the lattice of optical sensors. Anymore of a magnification and the image would blur he knew. The surface of the tray was of insufficient quality to reflect the smaller workings of the eye.

Zeb jumps as the comm buzzes and Kenari comes over the speaker. “Senior staff Zeb, Dayne, Ulfbert, and Arlo. Report to the conference room!” the growl came.

“Is she growling” he wondered. “It always sounds like a growl.” Zeb wasn’t sure if that was how it sounded to everyone else but what did it matter. He nodded to his assistant, handed her the tray, and reported to the briefing room.

Kenari started talking once they were all pbut before most had a chance to get comfortable. She always seemed uncomfortable in the briefing room giving a report. She was in charge , of that there was no argument, yet she seemed uncomfortable in her assured command. Not timid, never that, she just seemed to dislike giving orders.

Zeb listened intently throwing pertinent facts up on the screen of his minds eye.

- Distress from a mining colony.
- Pirates holding an entire colony hostage
- Forcing the citizens to mine the rare earths.
- Planetary body – Knorbes

He feels eyes on him and notices that the captain was looking at his hands. His hands had automatically started cleaning his gun with disinfectant cloth. He put away the twin cylinder revolver and tried to sit still.

The recording of the distress call is played and the skin around his eye tightens at the mention of children. As the situation becomes clear he slips a finger into his chip wallet and jacks his planetology chip. He also opens up a link with the ships database over his neural comm. Information flows and he begins cataloging important facts relevant to the situation. He places a number of tags with linked data into his field of vision.

“Ah … uranium …” Zeb sighs to himself making another note. His head lifts as Kenari confirms his observation.

“Exactly doctor.” She says.

“Blast her hearing is sharp as a scalpel.” this time he keeps it an internal monologue.

“According to records the refining of the yellow cake uranium is refined into plutonium out of system. This means the threat of nuclear weapons is at it’s worst, minimal.” Zeb relays after reviewing the corporate and planetary records available.

The data continues to flow into his field of vision as he examines the reports for the systems in question. Solomni settlers making their way in the universe now at the mercy of violent men. Zeb sighs.

Kenari wraps up the briefing with some gripe about needing recon. “Not my job, I’m a doctor – not a spy satelite” Zeb almost says.

“Yes sir” he says instead.

“Enough with the Sir crap – you all know my name.” Zeb can’t tell if she’s being serious or not. Aslan are always so inscrutable.

“Yes ma’am” he said respectfully. Kenari seems somewhat satisfied and Zebadiah heads back to his equipment locker in sickbay to collect his gear.


Yay! Cool beginnings for our good doctor. :)

Medical Logs - Year 1125 - 001
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