Broken angels

12/26/13 Game

Notes to be transcribed

Doc examines dead alien when he finds a chameleon gland of some sort that causes it to blend into the table. 4 arms, top 2 razor sharp chitinous claws. 2 pair arms are 6 fingered hands with chitinous nails.

Divm and Doc make DEX checks when Doc lift ups a flap and something shoots out that nearly impales Divm and then hangs to the side. Like an organic grappling hook (12ft range) 8 of these total. Doc tells Divm to get out of the way as the Doc activates all of them so they don’t go off by accident. Creature is an ambush predator that’s dangerous up close that seem to stab and drag.

We agree that we need to check out the crater to see what happened to the people. The mine is near the crater. Doc rides with me on my bike while others get on the hover bikes so we can check out edge of town for a temp base to send out the drone. Town is pop 10k and 5m across.

Zodoni says we should go around the edge of town to avoid ambushes. Terrain is rough. We do RECON checks and crest over a hill to see pods in a small valley. Fleshy burrows. Biomass spreading over the ground. 12ft pool of a noxious substance. Bio-organic acid pool. Doc throws a rock in it and the rock doesn’t dissolve, just sinks to the bottom.

Motion sensors go off as 6 crawly things with guns come crawling out of the burrows. I light up the Flame Thrower as the Doc lowers his face shield. I hit 2 of the things and set them on fire as they screech and fall down. 1 SHOT USED.

Doc shoots one of them and blows its chest out of its back. Divm uses his magrail rifle and vaporizes another. Zodoni laments not having an enclosed car and throws a Frag grenade but fails miserably. We all run to duck out of the way. Zodoni picks it up to throw it again. It’s all slimy however and he drops it again. I run over and kick it away safely.

They hiss and splut as projectiles fire our way. 1 misses and 1 hits Zodoni’s armor but doesn’t go through as it scratches at his armor. Another hit on Zodoni. The other fires… they burrow at me and only irritate my skin as they hit the subdermal armor. I set the organic pool on fire and they screech and die. When the fire hits the acid the shit blows up. Richard and I pluck the dead slugs off and take 1pt of damage before metastatic platlets seal the wounds over.

We continue on and across a valley we see the mine entrance. There are wrestling aliens in front of entrance and burrows all over the place with those smaller aliens around. We discuss options, Zodoni discusses using town as choke point and Divm suggest carpet bombing, but soldiers pipe up and say it might not get them all because of underground. Doc theorizes pheramones to disguise ourselves.

I set up drone with bug to watch here while we go back to town to set up choke point trap. Troops monitor drone. I suggest setting woods on fire that are covered in goop to get their attention while we take cover back at the town to set up the ambush.


AndrewHead Kenari_Sanura

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